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I have been informed that there are people with bad intent starting to leave negative reviews on chiropractors pages Report abuse

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How can I block this individual from posting bogus reviews on my google places?

Here is a notice I received from another chiropractor this morning.  It is pretty self explanatory. I would like to prevent this before it happens.

I have come under personal attack by an anti chiropractic and anti alternative medicine doctor.

He saw a post of mine on twitter about gardasil and since has posted hate information about me, and my practice. He is known as "skepticalhealth" on twitter and runs a website called
He even went on to write a blog post on his site blasting me and my practice.

I contacted a Tim Bolen who runs a group in Cali who investigates these groups and starts lawsuit against them... I believeTim is one of the guys who was behind the lawsuit against

Tim said he never heard of this guy before, but since I contacted him a week ago, he seems to have possibly traced this profile to a doctor in Louisiana.

Last night this so called skepticalhealth posted a negative review even on my google listing.
Warn all chiros to block "skepticalhealth" on twitter.

He has defamed me and I"m hoping my state association will respond to my contact informing them of this and get their legal counsel to help in this fight. It' bad enough when these groups attack chiropractic, but when they get personal with individual doctors and write this stuff about a practice and doctors it's that much worse.

You can read his post about me on his blog below and see he attacks any natural heath field that's not medicine.

I figured with your list,  you could warn everybody to block him and another character on twitter... I think her name is Liz ditz.. She is named in one of many lawsuits this Tim Bolen has started

he's looking into finding the identity of the skepticalhealth guy to add him in.



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    It is unlikely that Google would block a user prophylactically.  Flag the reviews as inappropriate.  If you suspect an inappropriate pattern of reviews from a single userid, click on the userid at the top of the review and it will take you to a page of that user's reviews.  If they do look inappropriate you can share the link from the address bar in this forum and we will call it to Google's attention.  If they agree they will delete all of the user's reviews and block that userid from leaving more.  Of course the user can just get another userid.
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Thank you very much.  That is very helpful.
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